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Every phone call, your conversation is mixed in with 32,255 others, transmitted over an optical fiber the size of your hair.  It is the world's largest party line, so can I listen in on your conversation?  Can I steal your PIN or view your text messages?       Can I Hear You Now?  (click for answers to the questions above)

In this tutorial, we will discover how optical fibers the size of a human hair are manufactured; how they are installed, spliced and tested; and how they impact your daily life for phone calls, text messages, tweets and web browsing.  By Telephone Company Senior Engineer/Director of Research & Development - derived from years of presentations, contains information voted most interesting by students, teachers and adults.

In each lesson you will perform experiments to illustrate key points, followed by a short quiz (not to worry, this is an "open web test").  The Experiments are all great fun and a highlight of each Lesson.  You will see a picture of your own voice, compare your hair to an optical fiber, simulate the manufacture of optical fibers by creating a long, thin string of cheese, create models and much more!  We even issue a challenge to teachers and professors.

Tutorial Opening- Why Use Optical Fibers for Communications?

Lesson 1 - A Pile of Sand Becomes a Strand of Glass

Lesson 2 - Buried in Dirt- How Fibers Reach Your Home

Lesson 3 - Splitting Hairs- How Fibers are Spliced and Connected to Equipment

Lesson 4 - Radars and Light Sabers- How Fibers are Tested 

Lesson 5 - Bumper Cars- How Pulses of Light Race to the Finish Line

Lesson 6 - Let's Party!  How 32,256 People Share the Same Optical Fiber

Please tell 10 friends about us!

To aide in Lesson Experiments, you can order sample fibers from a real telephone cable by clicking the ORDER FIBER or using the button on the top right of the this page.  Prices as low as $1.00 per fiber.  Great way to earn extra credits in your next Technical Presentation, Science Fair or Merit Badge or just impress your friends!




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