Fiber Splicing Video

See actual live fusion splice



Play Fusion Splicing Video (985kb)

This video clip is stored on our external linkage.  NOTE: when finished viewing video, click BACK button on your browser to return to Tutorial.  Play video as many times as desired.

The 15 second video clip shows two single-mode optical fibers being joined by fusion process. The fibers have been prepared by removing the colored coating, then trimmed by a precision "cleaving tool", yielding a clean fiber end which is perfectly square with the sides of the fiber.

As the video plays, you will see three main events-

1. As the fibers come close together, an initial, rapid arc burns away any dust particles

2. The fibers are brought together and joined with a longer-duration fusing arc

3. The fused fibers are displayed as a perfectly continuous fiber.

This all happens in real time, so watch closely. Replay several times in needed.  The larger view at left is a side view of the process (X); the smaller window at right is looking from the top (Y).  At the end of the video, the top view fades out, leaving only the side view of the completed process.

Here are still photos of each process:

  After cleansing arc, no dust particles remain Fibers are brought nearly together, then Fusing Arc Fused Fibers  


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