Lesson 1 Test

A Pile of Sand Becomes a Strand of Glass

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    1. To manufacture optical fibers, the oven temperature is:   a. 350 degrees  
          b. 30 degrees below zero  
          c. 1600 degrees  
          d. absolute zero degrees  
    2. One meter equals how many feet?   a. 3 feet  
          b. one foot  
          c. 3.28 feet  
          d. 1 yard  
    3. Optical fibers are made up of what type of mineral:   a. granite crystals  
          b. silica sand  
          c. chalk and diamond dust  
          d. water and koolaid  
    4. The process for filling the center of a silica tube is called:   a. glass stuffing  
          b. Chemical vapor deposition  
          c. core treatment  
          d. cladding build  
    5. A fiber preform is:   a. flexible  
          b. bright red  
          c. hollow  
          d. solid  
    6. A Drawing Tower:   a. is like an artists easel  
          b. is used to manufacture optical fibers  
          c. a type of mouse trap  
          d. none of the above  
    7. Compared with human hair, an optical fiber used for communications is:   a. slightly larger than a human hair  
          b. slightly smaller than a human hair  
          c. the exact same size as a human hair  
          d. 5 times smaller than a human hair  
    8. The core diameter of a single-mode fiber is:   a. 62.5 nm  
          b. 162.5 nm  
          c. 9 µm  
          d. 9 nm  
    9. The core diameter of a multi-mode fiber is:   a. 62.5 µm  
          b. 62.5 nm  
          c. 9 nm  
          d. 109 nm  
    10. To protect optical fibers from damage, they are:   a. encased in a colored polymer coating  
          b. kept away from children  
          c. kept away from elephants  
          d. spray painter green  
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