Lesson 6 Test

Let's party!  How 32,256 People Share the Same Optical Fiber

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    1. The process for merging low speed traffic into a high speed roadway is:   a. road rage  
          b. packetization  
          c. optical splitter  
          d. interleaving  
    2. Quantizing is the process for:   a. counting money  
          b. measuring light particles  
          c. digitizing the human voice  
          d. generating noise  
    3. A CODEC:   a. encodes only  
          b. decodes only  
          c. encodes and decodes  
          d. none of the above  
    4. What language is the easiest to quantize?   a. english  
          b. spanish  
          c. latin  
          d. all quantize the same  
    5. Multiplexing allows:   a. more people to lift weights simultaneously  
          b. more people to share the same transmission medium  
          c. more homes per block  
          d. fewer calls per fiber  
    6. Time Division Multiplexing:   a. is the newest form of communications  
          b. is used in packet networks  
          c. uses a fixed payload  
          d. is delay-sensitive  
    7. Optical Carrier Level OC192 supports how many phone calls?   a. 672  
          b. 8064  
          c. 32256  
          d. 129,024  
    8. Packet networks describe capacity as:   a. calls per channel  
          b. total number of calls  
          c. bandwidth only  
          d. physical size of the equipment  
    9. Packet networks resemble a:   a. train  
          b. race track with buses and cars  
          c. spider web  
          d. parking lot  
    10. Can I steal your PIN?   a. not from inside the fiber  
          b. only when I access the fiber  
          c. never  
          d. occasionally  
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